Weebly for iPhone is one of our newer launches as a team, so we were curious to see the ways in which our customers have been utilizing the App since its debut in May.  Your feedback is SO important to us--as we continue to release new versions, we rely on the voices of our users to help guide us to the best improvements.

Check out a few submissions below and, as always, big thanks to everyone who sent us their sites!
"...everything about Weebly helped me make my site :) I'm broke as a joke so I was trying to find the best site that offered the most customization for free. Weebly is amazing! Thank you for providing these great tools. I made a fantastic little site for my photography/art/crafts, and I am obsessed with updating it. This was the first site I ever made, I do have a little knowledge in how to write css so the option to edit the code it also very awesome. Love the new iPhone app too and the ability to update my little blog on the fly and upload pics directly, good stuff. Thanks!"

"...As a freelance graphic designer in the Bay Area, website creation used to be the most strenuous and arduous process out of all my service. Thanks to Weebly this has become incredibly easy. I have a web portfolio on my website of all the sites I've created for clients ( a good majority with Weebly). I use the iPhone app to track my stats of visitors coming in and out of my site. For my clients websites, I use the mobile app to take screenshots month to month of their web traffic so they can see a brief overview of how everything is coming along.."

"I love that I can have a blog inside my website - instead of either/or. Plus I love that I can update it on the go."

"I just started with Weebly a few days ago. I am amazed at how quickly I was able to build a nice site to help drive my vintage industrial furniture sales. The iPhone app makes it so easy to post while on the go! Thanks Weebly!"

"My website has some 100 blog pages all broken up into category names for local directory listings. It's so easy to use I can actually screen shot the business website on my phone, crop it on my phone, and add them to the directory category off my phone."

Big thank you to everyone who submitted for this category--we got dozens of fantastic classroom sites and thoroughly enjoyed checking out the wide variety of ways in which Weebly has helped teachers, school systems and students across the globe! Interested in creating a website for your own classroom? Head on over here for more information and to sign up!

"This site has been built and is managed by about 15 team members in our district. We have been using Weebly for teacher's class websites for a few years now and we love it. I have been working with teachers in my school to help them build class websites using Weebly and each year we add more and more teachers to the list of those with websites... About 15 more are working on their sites and should be ready to publish in the fall. I also have taught about 400 students over the past 2 years how to build digital portfolios using Weebly. I can't say enough about how much I love using this program."

"I have been building class websites for a number of years, but Weebly's editor is by-far the easiest to use. My students and I use our site to stay connected throughout the year. For example, I post class assignments and notes using the Blog feature and share historical lectures and links on the Resources pages. Being able to link to outside sites means to students can easily turn in their homework (via Dropbox), create and find flashcards (via Quizlet), and ask questions (via Twitter). Our Weebly site is the home base for everything we do in the classroom."

"Seriously! I need more space. I don't know if I would have ever made a school website if it wasn't for Weebly. I was introduced to Weebly at a school district I once worked for and started a basic site there. I then took it and ran. I'm now a pro user and have introduced Weebly to countless faculty. The iPhone app has made it even easier to keep with announcements on my blog and adding my Google calendar has added a whole new layer. I hope to add even more to my site this summer. 5 years and still making tune-ups."

"Using Weebly as a platform for our classroom website is fantastic! We use the blog feature as the heart of our page and then build all the other pages around it linking both in and out of it within our site. Weebly gives so much more flexibility in posting the wide range of things that are relevant to our classroom program including videos, photos, audio, Youtube etc and we just love it so much!!! It delivers such a professional look to our online web presence!"

"Having a Masters in Educational Technology, I could have designed my own website using Dreamweaver, but found Weebly to be so user friendly, I bypassed writing code and went straight to having a website available for my students to use. I am currently in the process of revamping my entire website as I will only be teaching one grade level next year. I hope to be finished with my images next week! I have shared the ease of Weebly with others within my school system and several other teachers have also developed Weeblys! Thank you so much for creating an AWESOME way for teachers to communicate with students and parents!"
In today's featured site post, we wanted to highlight users who have had a change of career after the age of 50. What a brave thing to do-- taking a risk to follow your gut and honor your talents. We are big fans of entrepreneurs!

Check out what these folks have been able to create using Weebly to help launch their second careers!

Old Dogs, New Tricks
"I am primarily a magazine designer. After doing a magazine for a cancer charity (LifeSupportMagazine.com.au) I was asked if I could produce a low cost easy to use site to promote sales of the magazine. The answer was Weebly. Since then I've done a number of sites (including my blog) using Weebly. I don't use Weebly just to avoid the code. Weebly offers clients an easy to use and reliable CMS and allows sites to be built and maintained quickly."

"I was an ad man. A creative director and designer with some of Scotland's premier agencies. As usual when the slump hit the ad world was the first to feel the pain and being in my mid fifties that young whacky world of advertising didn't want this old buffer's work any more. So as an ad man I have turned to selling ads, only this time it's beautiful original vintage ads on the website I have created through Weebly . I was hitting a low point until I discovered Weebly and now I have a direction and some real goals again. Thanks for the kick start guys!"

"I moved - with my partner - lock, stock and barrel from England to France in 2007, at the age of 51. Our plan was to buy a house, restore it and open a chambre d'hote (bed and breakfast/guest house). And we did: after a looooong renovation process we're opening to the public on 2 April this year. I'm no big web designer but I've created, with Weebly, two sites that are mirrors of each other, one in English and one in French. The sites went live in December and January and I've had some really great feedback (and bookings!) already. Although Weebly doesn't (yet?) have dedicated multi-language support, I found that the copy site function actually made it very easy to replicate the site I'd originally written in English, in French - all I had to do was rewrite the text and change the page titles and meta tags, while the design, basic navigation structure and the images remained the same. So thanks Weebly - you have saved me so much time and energy!"

"I left corporate America where I'd worked for 28 years, just after my 50th birthday last year. It was a chance for me to start my own writing and communication consulting business. Thanks to Weebly, I was able to build a site that meets my needs perfectly -- and people are impressed. I'm not a website expert, so Weebly made it completely easy for me. I upgraded to the Pro version for a bit more functionality and I just started using the Blog feature. My site is basic, but it suits my business and my needs perfectly! People can view my site on a smartphone, and I didn't have to do anything special on my end to make that happen. Love Weebly! I recommend Weebly as often as I can! Thanks for giving me the chance to tell my story."

We are definitely going to have to do another blog featuring Weebly users and their small businesses; there were just too many great submissions to choose from! We are really impressed with our users' entrepreneurial talents as well as the ways in which they've showcased them using Weebly. It's an honor to help you spread the word about your services and skills. Keep up the great work!

Smiley Petz
"Weebly has helped my business, by providing an easy to use resource, full of interesting features and applications. This not only allows me to provide a professional first impression for my business but also allows me to keep in touch the my clients on a regular basis through my blog ... Our customers are so impressed with our site and the service we offer through our site - We recently won - Best Website in South West Wales. Many Thanks Weebly..."

Stick and Strum
"Weebly makes it SO easy! I teach private music lessons full-time and need a great and simple way to communicate to students and parents, provide information, and showcase my students. People can't believe that I made this website with NO experience in web design or coding. Thanks Weebly!"

Renovations Ottawa
"From a complete website newbie, to getting my first real "pro" job, Weebly has given me the courage to follow my dream. One day, when I grow up, I'll leave this aerospace engineering gig and take the path to self-employment freedom."

Set Apart
"Weebly rocks!...As a start-up organization, we didn't have the funds to pay anyone to build a website or for hosting one. We desperately needed a website that we could build on our own, and we needed technology that was easy to use, looked professional, and was a wise use of resources. Weebly fit the bill to a tee. As a creative arts organization, we heavily rely on visuals to tell our story, and we couldn't be happier with Weebly's drag and drop technology as well as the depth of options in terms of photos and video. We recently finished our first project, The Hope Memorial, for the May 22, 2011 tornado survivors in Joplin, MO. It is a 7.5 ft. x 14.5 ft. piece of art made out of debris and wreckage from the Salvation Army Thrift Store site in Joplin...Not being from Joplin, it was critical that we had a way to communicate what we were doing with the people there. We are so grateful that Weebly provided an easy, professional platform to tell the story as it was being built and archive the story now that it has been delivered. We have a lot more planned in the near future for the site, using even more of its features, including a blog and password protected pages for investors. AND We are actually getting ready to build another website for a client using Weebly. Thank you for offering such a reliable, amazing gift to those of us with small budgets."

LoveBird xo
"Weebly has been fundamental in helping me to create an amazing website I can have full control over. The new linker has allowed me to work even more efficiently, and the custom HTML/CSS elements have been great for giving my site that extra bit of customization. I simply don't know how I would have this amount of flexibility, control, and convenience if it weren't for Weebly!"

Is it really December already?! Man, this year flew by. Hopefully you all are getting into the holiday spirit and are surrounded by loving friends and family. For this week's blog topic of technology we got tons of great website submissions...except they had nothing to do with tech! It seems that the technology folks were a bit shy on bragging rights for the cool work they're doing :)

That being said, we've put together a little mix of submissions; a bit of tech, some crafty folks and a side of holiday help.  Enjoy!

Hit The Pothole
"The custom HTML element has been my friend! Within it I have written a large amount of JavaScript which I effortlessly put into the beautiful Weebly templates which makes my site www.hitthepothole.com database driven with a back-end infrastructure supported by Google Fusion tables. All the data in the Fusion table is put there by iPhones/iPads running the app HitThePothole / Pothole Radar. I integrated scoreboards and leaderboards effortlessly with Weebly...."


"Weebly is extraordinary! Weebly has really opened up the ability for quick and easy content submission. With the ability to add, remove, and edit your website within minutes, Weebly makes the web design and developer experience like none other. Weebly has allowed me as a graphic artist and photographer to show the world my photos and designs at the click of a button. Thank you!"

Moe & Me

"Weebly is amazing!!! I hate coding .. so much. I love weebly for the fact that I can update my website from any computer!!! Everything is so easy and intuitive. I can go in when I have to and edit the coding to suit my needs..."

Glee Trees

Tis the season, friends! If you live in San Francisco you should definitely check out this Weebly holiday site--they provide Christmas tree delivery right to your door! How sweet is that? One less thing to stress about, phew :)
"The Weebly html/css editor was instrumental in giving us the flexibility to customize the design & layout, while keeping the content management portion of the site separate. This allowed us more time to focus on the complex logistics of the business, ultimately making GleeTrees.com a success!"
We love weddings! The food, the music and all of the fun surrounding celebrating two people in love. This week's Featured Sites helped to remind us just how much care and thought goes into creating the perfect day for the happy couple.  Thank you for sharing the many ways in which Weebly users make weddings extra special with their talents and businesses!
"Weebly has let me run a fantastic business with great ease through templates that are easily editable and drag/drop functions. My business went from non existent to being ME! Thank you..."

"Weebly has given me good customer support as well as all the tools I need to create an attractive Wedding DJ business website. I needed a video, audio player and a good photo slideshow; I got everything I needed and then some..."

"So, so simple to build a great looking website. Stress free and ALWAYS works. What else do you need?"

Blogs are a fantastic way for folks to share their ideas, talents and knowledge with audiences across the globe. They are perfect for those of us who love to tune in for regular segments of story telling, how-to's or life tips and tricks. It came as no surprise to us that our Weebly users keep blogs that share some pretty neat information--and they do it in such fun and creative ways! We think you'll enjoy the blogs below as much as we did :) As always, thank you to everyone who submitted their site. Happy blogging!

"I selected a template that I could customize how I wanted. I am a beginner to CSS/HTML but was able to learn as I go with a site that looked great, customized or not. I have had outstanding support from Weebly anytime I encountered a problem."
"Weebly is awesome! It's really simplified the process and given me a professional looking blog with little know-how. I love how it has great social media plug-ins and makes all of my posts automatically tweetable and likeable."

"Weebly has given us the power to raise over the past three Christmases $75,000 for our local homeless shelter by showcasing the Dundarave Festival of Lights and its mission of showing you Christmas as you've never seen it before. This Christmas, our one-of-a-kind forest of Christmas trees and our music program will see us cross the threshold into a cumulative six figure donation to the shelter. Weebly's helped make this happen by giving us the tools we need to spread the word beautifully, and to keep an eye on the effectiveness of our communication plan through its powerful analytics."
On a related note, today happens to be my one year anniversary as an employee with Weebly, so I thought I'd go ahead and share my own Lifestyle Blog with you all here :)

The Grateful Life
There were quite a few furballs that captured our hearts with this Featured Sites category! From shelters to clinics, breeders to pet artists, we really enjoyed checking out all the Weebly-built animal sites. We could hardly resist the faces of so many four-legged friends. Thank you for all the great submissions!

"Montgomery County Animal Shelter contracted a Web design company a few years ago to design our site. As a volunteer, I found updating the "professional" site cumbersome and difficult to delegate to others. I researched ways in which I could create a new site and my top priorities were ease of updating and the ability to share the work. Weebly has been perfect! We've had so many compliments on the site and I am very proud and happy that this site is helping homeless dogs and cats find forever homes. Thank you, Weebly!"

"I just switched to Weebly from my previous host, who specialized in web sites for veterinarians. Compared to them, Weebly is a snap. I love the more updated design and the ease of editing. I am also working on creating history forms for my clients to complete online. Thanks, Weebly!"

"It has made my site look so much more professional... I can do some coding, but what used to take me HOURS or even DAYS to code can now be done in minutes! So easy to customize and looks fantastic - I have told numerous other breeders about how great it is!"

As we announced on our Weebly Blog, you can now upload a logo in place of the text-based site title. This week's Featured Sites highlight users who've done just that. Once again our users proved to be super creative in the ways that they use the Weebly platform and we're loving all of the submissions coming in.  If you've submitted a site but don't see it featured below, don't worry--we've been keeping track of all the great submissions.  There's always a chance you could be featured in another post!

Keep up the great work, guys! 

"Weebly has to be the best platform for creating any website. I have easily created a network of websites with out a hassle. And if I ever run into a problem, Weebly's helpful support staff is a click away."

"I adore the simple and clean look Weebly affords me; I can spend my time taking photographs rather than learning web design. You've created a fast and affordable way for me to look professional online! Thank you Weebly!"

"Recently rated by Gramophone as one of the top choirs in the world, New College Choir needed a new website that would showcase its discography of over 100 discs, its online audio, photos and videos, and latest news. Along with their outstanding support team, the intuitive Weebly platform has meant that a professional-looking website can be made and maintained completely in-house - for the cost of less than a pint of beer a month!"
First off, we want to send a big thank you to everyone who submitted their photography site for consideration on our first edition of the Featured Sites blog; we truly loved seeing all of your awesome work. All we can say is wow, we have some seriously talented users!

It was hard to choose from all of the wonderful submissions but we're thrilled to share a few of our favorites with you below. These users not only have quite the eye when it comes to capturing their subjects, but they've built terrific sites showcasing their talents using Weebly.

"Thanks to Weebly I could create my own, very personal photography site without having to know programming languages or web design software. It was quick, easy and a lot of fun. I also love the fact that I can make adjustments to my site in just seconds at any time. On top of that Weebly is very supportive in resolving any questions or issues I run into. So far it has been a great experience! I recommend Weebly to everyone!"
"Weebly has made it so easy for me to update my site frequently with my new photos. The layout is super easy to manipulate and I LOVE that I don't have to be an expert programmer to change little details. Thank you so much for providing this service for such a low cost."
"Weebly has been awesome in letting me make a streamlined website quickly. I especially love that I can have online scheduling tied right into the site. Updates are VERY easy....I also really like that you have a mobile version. So many of my customers see my site from their iPhone, so it was important for me to be able to find a site that was not Flash dependent. I get a ton of compliments on the ease of use of our site as well as the look."

Create a free website with Weebly